Bazaar Laws

Aside from the three Big Laws, there are a number of smaller laws that are always being voted in and out of fashion. For example, last year the Slave Trade was voted back into circulation after being outlawed during the Bazaar’s first year.


The Bazaar will tolerate no killing during the gathering.


The Bazaar will tolerate no taking of another’s things during the gathering.


The Bazaar will tolerate no dishonest behaviors during the gathering.

Bazaar Laws Extend To A 10 Miles Radius Around The Bazaar Site
The rules don’t vanish the minute you step off Bazaar grounds.

The Bazaar Is Neutral Ground
Past grudges are left outside, alliances are not honored.

A Community Is Any Group Of People Sharing Territory And Resources
Adjacent Communities must demonstrate non-sharing of resources

Only Five Members Of A Single Community Are Allowed In The Bazaar At A Time
No dividing communities into two factions to double admission numbers.

No Weapons May Be Carried While In The Bazaar
Including, but not limited to, guns, blades, bats, brass knuckles, tire irons, etc.
Exception: Each community is allowed one Guard, who may carry a single weapon.

Criminals Stand Trial By Peers
Three people from three different neutral communities will be selected to hear both sides of a dispute and render judgement.

No Double Jury Duty
If you act as a Jury during one dispute you can not be on another Jury.
Exception: If there are no other possible options, you may serve as a Jury again.

Food and Water Are Legal
There will never be restrictions placed on the trading of Food and Water

Fuel, Medicine, Clothing, Tools, Books, Entertainment, Luxuries, and Scrap Are Legal
There are no current restrictions on the buying or selling of these goods.

Weapons and Ammo Are Legal, But Restricted
Weapons and ammunition must be stored in sealed containers to be legal.

Labor Is Legal
You can sell working hours as a good. Labor must be worked before the next Bazaar.

Slaves Are Legal
Slavery is limited to Humans. Non-Humans are always legal trade.

Vices Are Legal
Including, but not limited to, Alcohol, Tobacco, Methamphetamines, Opiates, etc

The group known as The Eaters are banned from setting foot in the Bazaar.

Human Organs are Illegal
Non-Human insides and organs are always legal trade.

Consumption of Human Meat Is Forbidden
Extends to the trading or selling of Human meat as well.

The Tsar Is Forbidden From Taking Resources Home
Any Resources sold to the Bazaar must be auctioned off