More Setting

Welcome to the Waste Land. Long after society has fallen those that remain band together to survive. Waste Land Bazzar is a Live Action Role-Playing game inspired by the Mad Max movies and the Fallout video games with a dash of A Boy and His Dog, Borderlands, The Road, and The Walking Dead thrown in to create a world of its own. A world where resources are scarce, violent is extreme, and everyone is doing whatever it takes to survive.

Waste Land Bazaar encourages earnest conversations about violence, slavery, drug abuse, cannibalism, and ethics. It’s intended for adult audiences and mature minds but the specifics of the topics covered depends on the players involved and their comfort level. Communication about the themes of the game is heavily emphasized to make sure everyone is on the same page.

The Waste Lands

Humanity waged war on itself over resources and destroyed the world. War for land. War for precious stones. War for oil. War for water. Finally, war for life itself. Everything lead to the world we have now. The Earth is a land we wasted. Now the few who remain continue the legacy of war for what is left. Over blasted deserts and cracked soil scavengers and bandits carve out a meager existence on the corpse of the old world. Life is reduced to a single instinct:


The Bazaar

The Bazaar started four years ago as an annual gathering for various communities, colonies, and collectives around the Wastes. What started as a way to stay informed about the region and trade some vital supplies has grown into so much more.

Celebrities give speeches and lectures to entertain and inform. Merchants setup stalls to trade for what they need back home. Entertainers work to keep everyone amused, trying to make a name for themselves and earn donations. Teenagers gather in nearby buildings to play games, make friends, and fornicate. Bodyguards patrol the perimeter to deal with any aggressive wildlife or raiders that might show up. Politicos make deals, pass laws, and respond to regional threats.

Until now the Bazaar was an unorganized, haphazard, and dangerous place. This year something changes. A man calling himself the Bazaar Tsar is overseeing the gathering along with his loyal assistants. He’s been selected to act as host, referee, master of ceremonies, and figurehead for the event. He belongs to no community. He favors no groups. He has no agenda beyond the Bazaar. An agreed upon neutral third-party acting as authority for two days before vanishing back into the Wastes.