Resources are the things you have to bargain with and the things your colony needs to survive and prosper. They are represented by playing cards with the Resource in question written down on them.

Primary Resources

Primary Resources are the five things vital to a community’s survival. A lack of any one of these can spell certain doom for a people.

Food: Food left over from before the war or fresh crops grown in (hopefully clean) soil. It keeps your people from starvation.

Fuel: It might be gas or batteries. It keeps the lights on, tools working, and vehicles moving.

Medicine: Pre-war medication or herbal remedies. It keeps your people healthy and able.

Water: Caught rain water or pumped from the group. It keeps your people from dehydration.

Weapons: Firearms or melee weapons. It keeps your people safe and protected.

Secondary Resources

Secondary Resources ease the burden of the community and help ensure your people do more than simply survive.

Ammo: Bullets or arrows. Often goings hand-in-hand with Weapons, but a gun is worthless without a bullet.

Clothing: Simple protection or heavy armors. Keeping people from harm is often better than treating injuries later.

Labor: Man hours worked or volunteer forces. The ability to do chores and do work help communities do more than simply survive.

Slaves: Men and women captured and forced to work. Often used to cover Labor or Entertainment needs.

Tools: Hand tools or power tools. Having the right tool for the right job often makes the job much more manageable.

Special Resources

Special Resources are everything else. Sometimes they help a community, but sometimes they lead to their downfall.

Books: Fiction or non-Fiction. Sometimes a source of entertainment but often a source of knowledge.

Entertainment: Old movies or live entertainers. Having a distraction can keep away insanity.

Luxuries: Toiletries or jewelry. Having a few niceties can keep moral up and make the wastes feel a little less wasted.

Scraps: Bobbles and bits. Any number of things that could be useful, or worthless, in the right hands.

Vices: Drugs or alcohol. Anything that helps in the short-term and hurts in the long run.