Genocidal Warlord

From somewhere to the north-west a Warlord is matching across the Wastes. His scouts have shown up already and began demanding tribute. Their demands are simple; give them supplies or be crushed by their Lord’s boots when he marches through. As a show a strength if a peace offering isn’t delivered after the Bazaar the Lord will destroy a community every year until his demands are met.

Affected: Bunkers, Regulators
Next Effected: Springers, Refiners
Cost: Five Communities per Community Deck, One Resource from every Community.
Effect: One of the Affected Communities falls.

Growing Radiation

Geiger counters in the area of been slowly increasing. That data gathered shows the Tribals were the first to notice last year, and this year the Cultists are reporting the spread. When the Tribals brought it to the attention of the Conclave last year nothing was done. Only a couple Communities need to handle this, but cleaning up the cause is expensive.

Affected: Tribals, Cultists
Next Effected: Springers, Casters
Cost: Two Communities per Community Deck, 50 Caps per Community
Effect: Reduce Food and Labor by 1.


Wells are drying up and rivers are vanishing. The oppressive heat of the wastes if evaporating what little clean water there is. If wells are deepened, irrigation ditches dug, and a couple water treatment plants are brought back online things could turn around. It’s a lot of work for most people…

Affected: Farmers, Casters
Next Effected: Tribals, Regulators
Cost: Three Communities per Community Deck, Three Water Resources
Effect: Reduce Water by 1.

Mutant Animals

Most mutated animals are sickly and die fairly fast. But there is a new breed of strangeness in the wastes. Rabid and feral with strength and cunning unheard of in their old forms. These animals have been attacking communities and need to be destroyed before they can spread.

Affected: Springers, Casters
Next Effected: Bunkers, Regulators
Cost: Two Communities per Community Deck and 15 Caps per Community.
Effect: Slave and Labor are reduced by 1.


A new group of bandits have been seen setting up camps at cross-roads, bridges, and any other unavoidable travel lanes. These Tollmen are demanding goods for passage and murdering anyone who doesn’t comply. While their small in numbers right now they are getting more rooted in the region.

Affected: Raiders, Troupers
Next Effected: None.
Cost: Three Communities per Community Deck and Three Weapons (Two Ammo count for One Weapon) Resources
Effect: Discard one random Trade Route.


Nobody likes having cannibals knocking on their backdoor. The Eaters live near the Farmer and Cultists. If nothing is done about the Eaters it’s only a matter of time before they start hunting other communities. All the Communities need to band together and exterminate the Eaters.

Affected: Farmers, Cultists
Next Effected: Tribals, Refiners
Cost: Five Communities per Community Deck, 15 Caps per Community.
Effect: Discard a random Resource. Reduce Slaves by 1