Community Bits

To start the game, divide the players into communities. Each Community has six stats; Roles, Resources, Trade Routes, Vital Scarcity, Requested Scarcity, and Problems.

Resources: These are what you brought from your community to trade with. They can be traded with fellow players as seen fit or exchanged at the Bazaar for a number of Caps.

Trade Routes: These are the items your community can create. Trade Routes can be established with other communities. Only one Trade Route can be established per Card.

Bottle Caps: These fuel the mechanics of the game. Each Community starts with a pool to divide among it’s members.

Scarcities: These are the items your community needs. There are Vital Scarcities and Requested Scarcities. The primary goal of any colony is to secure their survival by collecting three Resources or one Trade Route for one of the Vital Scarcities. After that, securing three cards or one Trade Route for either their second Vital Scarcity or either of their Requested Scarcities ensures their Colony Prospers. If your community doesn’t secure at least one Vital Scarcity that colony Falls.

Problems: These are issues your community faces that need to be resolved. Threats are things that, if go unanswered, can spread to other Communities. Solving problems means committing Communities to actions, and spending Caps, or Resources. Spoiler Alert; You’re not going to be able to solve every Problem. Every Community can respond to four Threats but if a Community falls, only their first two responses count. The numbers needed are specified with the Threat. Finally, Threats have an Effect, which affect the Community’s standing next year.