Characters start with one Trait. Traits determine how a player earns Caps. Traits are written on nametags and worn on the front of the player for everyone in the game to see. Whenever you accomplish the action listed with your Trait you ask for other nearby characters to Witness you. The screams of “WITNESSED!” will alert the Tsar to your needs.

Caravan Leader: You run the convoys, you need to sure up your route. Whenever you help your Community establish a Trade Route (either in-coming or out-going) you gain a Cap.

Celebrity: The Bazaar is glad to have you! Start the game with five Caps of your own!

Entertainer: You’re here to keep the masses amused. Unfortunately it only pays in tips. After any performance where at least one player tips you at least one Cap you gain a Cap. If you get multiple Caps from multiple Players you still only get one Cap for the Performance.

Gladiator: You came to fight, plain and simple. Whenever you get into a fight earn a Cap.

High Baller: You know the real value is in selling high. Whenever you sell a Resource to the Bazaar you earn one Cap.

Merchant Leader: You’re here to ensure the survival of your Community, no matter the cost. Whenever you get a Vital Resource card for your Community you gain a Cap.

Problem Solver: You’re here to solve Problems. Any time one of your Community’s Problems is resolved or your Community helps to resolve a Problem earn a Cap.

Relic Hunter: You’re a veteran of the Auction Wars and have mastered the art of buying low. Whenever you win a bid on an item at Auction gain a Cap.

Witness: You’re here to support your boys and girls! Whenever you Witness someone from your Community you get a Cap.