Character get one Goal. Your Goal is something significant you want to accomplish during the game. Write it down and stuff it in your pocket. It might be best to keep it secret… Or maybe you’ll want to share it with everyone. That’s up for you to decide. If that goal is met your character survives even if your colony falls.

Star Crossed Lover: You need one other person to take this goal with you. That other person must belong to a rival community. You’re living a classic Romeo and Juliet story, but you’re trying for a better ending. Both of you need to abandon your community and join another group in order to survive. As long as both of you are in a different group together at the end of the game you’ll survive.

Professional Slaver: Every year the Concave tries to ban the Slave Trade. You can’t let this happen. Do whatever it takes to ensure Slavery is still permitted at the Bazaar. If at the end of the game the Bazaar still allows Slaves to be traded you survive.

Community Relations: A community is only as good as its people, and you’re here to recruit. The tricky part is finding someone who will leave their group to join yours that isn’t a treacherous bastard. If by the end of the game your Community is larger than it was at the start you survive.

Lawmaker: You have a Law you want to see enacted at the Bazaar. Determine what it is and let the Tsar know. If at the end of the game your Law is on the books, you survive.

Bottlecap Afficantio: There are so many bottle caps! If you end the game with fifty Caps you survive.

Lord of the Hoard: It’s not so much that you want it all, but you don’t want anyone else to have any. If at the end of the game you have all of the Resource cards for a single Resource, other than Books, Entertainment, and Luxuries, then you survive.

Hated Enemy: Pick another Community. You hate them. You hate them with the passion of a thousand exploding suns. If at the end of the game your hated Community falls, you survive.

New Guard: You’re not the guard for your community, but you want to be. You’ll need to discredit, or kill, the current guard and convince your community you’re the best suited for the role. If you end the game as a Guard for your community, you survive.

Trade Master: You want to become a Caravan Lord and the only way to do that is to ensure your Community has a good network of trade goods. If at the end of the game your Community has five unnecessary (routes that your community doesn’t need to solve a Scarcity) trade routes, you survive.

Ultimate Survivor: When you get knocked down, you get up again. Nobody can ever keep you down. If you end the game with a Rank 10 Injury but no one kills you, you survive.