Character Bits

Characters have four parts; Role, Traits, Goal, and Injuries. The Role defines who the character is within their Community and why they came to the Bazaar. Traits are unique ways for that character to earn Caps. The Goal is their personal agenda during the Bazaar. Injuries are pretty much what they sound like, things that have hurt the character. While you don’t start the game with any Injuries this is the Waste Land….

Traits: Characters start with one Trait. Traits determine how a player earns Caps. Traits are written on nametags and worn on the front of the player for everyone in the game to see. Whenever you accomplish the action listed with your Trait you ask for other nearby characters to Witness you. The screams of “WITNESSED!” will alert the Tsar to your needs.

Goal: Character get one Goal. Your Goal is something significant you want to accomplish during the game. Write it down and stuff it in your pocket. It might be best to keep it secret… Or maybe you’ll want to share it with everyone. That’s up for you to decide. If that goal is met your character survives even if your colony falls.

Injuries: Sometimes you get hurt in the Wastes and the Bazaar, while safer, isn’t a safe place. Injuries are written on nametags, like Traits, and require a number of Caps to bypass. Anytime you spend Caps you must spend an additional number of Caps equal to your Injury Rank.

If you ever have a Rank 10 Injury anyone can kill you by spending a Cap. They don’t even have to fight you. Tough luck.