At the Bazaar all actions are settled by spending Caps. Want to convince another character to believe you? Spend Caps. Want to know something important? Spend Caps. What to add a detail to the room? Spend Caps. Want to get into a fight? Spend Caps.

Whenever you want to accomplish something you offer someone, either another player or the Tsar, a Cap. If the other person agrees, they take the Cap from you and your action is successful. If the other person doesn’t agree you can offer more Caps or give up. You can offer any number of Caps but as soon as someone gives up  those offers are off the table and the negotiation is over.


No. Who you see is who is here. The Wastes aren’t overly populated and the few that have made it to the Bazaar are the few that there are. At no point is anyone, Player or Tsar, allowed to introduce a character that isn’t physically standing at the Bazaar.

Things To Do At The Bazaar

If you ever find yourself without something to do at the Bazaar, perhaps you can find inspiration below. Here’s a list of common things happening at the Bazaar for your characters to do.

Make Trades

Every Community has access to a stack of Resource Cards. These cards represent stockpiles of goods or services that your community has brought to the Bazaar to bargain with. Upon arrival at the Bazaar, the Tsar stored your resources in a secure location and handed you a card to bargain with.

If you have a Resource Card you can freely trade it with any other player for whatever you like. You can also sell to the Tsar for Caps.

Establish Trade Routes

Upon arriving at the Bazaar your Community requested a number of Trade Route cards. These cards represent goods that you can regularly provide to other Communities. You’re responsible for transport of the goods but at the Bazaar you only have to trade Cards.

If you have Trade Route Card you can freely trade it with any other player for whatever you like.

Form the Conclave

Communities change and every year the Conclave needs to vote on new laws. At the start of every Bazaar each community sends forward one representative, the Politico. The selected few form a yearly Conclave that votes for the Laws of the Bazaar. The laws they pass go into effect immediately, often having drastic effects on those in attendance.

The most commonly submitted proposals are to Ban Slave and Vice trade or to exile a Community from the Bazaar. Community leaders, called Politicos, can propose Laws, but they must have the support of a second community before they can be brought to vote. Politicos then cast their votes, majority wins, ties go to the Tsar.

Attend the Auction

Communities can always opt to sell their Resources to the Tsar. Sometimes Resources are spent to deal with Threats. No matter how it happens, the Bazaar often ends up with some Resource cards. To get rid of them the Tsar holds periodic Auctions where the attendees can bid to win the Resources sold to the Tsar. Often the bidding starts well below their value… but often climbs well above it.

Oh, and the Tsar often has special unique items at auction too. Watch out for those!

Handle Threats

Every Community has things that threaten their survival beyond the simple lack of resources. Some threats only hurt the Community they threaten, though the fall of a single Community could result in the fall of others. Others are only beginning. They affect a number of Communities and unless they’re stopped could destroy all life in the region. The Communities need to unite to solve these problems.

Start a Fight

While we like to pretend we’re all civilized here… Lets be honest. We’re not. When a fight is going to go down all those involved are pulled off to the side by the Tsar to discuss.

Every participant starts by calling out their Traits. Every Trait Witnessed earned the character an extra Cap to start the fight with.

All the participants then bid Caps in secret. Once everyone has their bid ready they reveal at the same time. Highest bid wins, ties escalate to a second round.

The Winner then offers all, or part, of their bid as an Injury. The Injury Rank is equal to the Caps offered. Any other participant who agrees to take the Injury gets the Caps.

The next Highest Bidder then offers all, or part, of their Bid as an Injury. This continues until everyone has made an offer.

Once everyone has made an offer anyone who hasn’t taken an Injury yet takes a Rank 1 Injury.

Lastly all the participants choreography the fight scene. Once all the participants decide on the back-and-forth they step back into the game and act it out for the other players.